Thursday, January 13, 2011


It happened again.

I'm starting to feel like this frozen precipitation thing is going to be a yearly occurrence. I shudder to think of the horrific controversies that it could cause every winter from now until I die. And even beyond that.

I haven't been to work in the last few days. But I'm sure that if I went in would spend my day playing pass the pigs and pondering sleeping phoenix perched high above us.

But I have made good use of the free time and posted a bunch of bike stuff on craigslist and fleabay. You should go buy it.

I'm also working on selling the Grumbler to fund a smaller and more efficient form of transportation:

Viking cat feed is expensive.

Last week my post about the Ergon stuff was re-tweeted by The Ergon itself.

And that's the whole reason I named this blog Knobby Meats. I was praying that one day a German would tweet "Say hello to Knobby Meat."

I think I can change the name now.


Kaylie Morgan said...

What's viking cat's name?

Justin said...

Isn't Viking Cat a name?

Jason said...

You look like you are about to slay Viking Cat rather than ride Viking Cat. BTW congrats on the Ergon thing, but more importantly having your wiener mentioned on Dicky's blog.

Montana said...

I would never reveal my cats name on the internet. That would be a gross invasion of his privacy.

And thanks Jason. It's quite an honor