Thursday, January 6, 2011

most excellent new ergon stuff

I found a big brown box on my door step the other day.

I carefully cut the tape, then before I could react, I was forced to the ground by an ergonomic axe murdering sock monkey.

I knocked the stuffing outa him with a big mallet, then confined much subdued monkey to my window sill.

The rest of the box held another set of Ergon GX2 Carbon grips (not attached to a monkey), and an Ergon BC2 pack.

I'm super glad to have some new grips, because my other GX2s were starting to feel a little worn after a few thousand miles and about 50 race days. White looks so damn spiffy with purple.

My dad bought a pair of GC2s a few years ago to cruise rail trails. At the time I was riding round grips, and since I was young and never felt pain, I thought there was no reason for me to use those silly winged grips.

Then I stole his and tried them. Huge difference. It took less energy to grip the bars, I had more control in rocky sections, and my arms were staying fresher on my rigid. I was sold.

I've been racing on the GX style grip since my first West Virginia race three years ago. The GXs aren't as soft and squishy as the GP or GR style, but they have better bar-feel through technical sections. I switched to GX2s with bar ends halfway through my first season, and it made a huge difference. Bar ends make wrenching up a hill on a single speed way faster (not easier.)

The bar ends fit flush with the rest of the grip, so I end up with my hands out over the end of the bar even when I'm cruising on flat sections. It's second nature now for me to switch from bar end to main grip body.

I tried going back to round grips once last year, and I couldn't stand it. In short, Ergons are awesome.

But I'm even more excited about the pack:

I haven't gotten to do any rides with it yet, but my initial hiking test was good. The ball joint on the pack allows the shoulder straps to pivot without shifting the load around. More on that later. It's mighty radical.

And I really need to send the big cog I borrowed from Dicky at Breck Epic back. I think I'll do that today.

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