Saturday, February 12, 2011

the glamorous side of bike racing

Racing is hard on equipment, and eventually everything breaks. But some things start to go out way before their time.

Like my shoes:

I need to get at least two seasons out of a pair of shoes. I bought these last July, and they're already starting to come apart. I do have a ton miles on them, but carbon fiber clicky-buckle shoes are way to expensive to throw away every 6 months.

So I've gotta fix them. I tried stitching them back together, but I couldn't get the needle in (partly because the leather is hard, and partly because I'm a crappy seamstress.)

Then I tried silicone sealant:

Meant for cars, not shoes. Big fail. I did succeed in covering my fingers in black shit.

The only other glue I had sitting around was good old Elmer's Wood Glue:

Wood is porous, fabric is porous, therefore wood glue must work on fabric. At least I hope it does. It seems like it's holding, and if I smother the seams in the silicone they should be good for another couple of months.

Next season is coming up fast, and I might be riding a new frame. The new frame will be almost twice the weight of my old frame. And that's all I'm gonna say at the moment.

But to make room for the new, I've gotta sell some stuff:
Niner One9
Surly Cross Check
Specalized S-Works Helmet


dicky said...

Fabric is porous.
Wood is porous.

Wood floats.

So if your shoes float they belong to a witch, and therefore must be burned.

wv: nessynac

Montana said...

Shoes float.
Ducks float.

Ducks are delicious.

So you should eat my shoes.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

"I'm only selling it because I've decided to take up badminton."

D-Pow said...

A full suspension SS is pretty much the only way to double your frame's weight...A Tallboy? Spearfish? Jet9?

Montana said...

Don't jump to conclusions. It could also be one of these:

b said...

Find yourself a good ol' fashioned cobbler. I bet there's one or two in PGH.

Montana said...

I would, but I fear their tiny shoe hammers

dougyfresh said...

leave the shoe alone. its a convertible now. just like your new car.

Justin said...

What do we win for guessing your new frame?

Montana said...

A big sloppy kiss

Justin said...

Man, for some reason I can't think of a single bike frame.