Thursday, February 10, 2011

the new transport machine

It took some craigslist work, but I was eventually able to sell the Grumbler for two grand, which is the same price I paid for it. Considering I put 40,000 miles and three years on it, that's alright.

I was planning on buying a VW Golf. Before the weekend I checked craigslist one more time, and found what I wasn't looking for. A rust free Cabrio. I instantly decided that I wanted a convertible Golf anyway and bought it.

Eat your heart out Dahn Powers. I bought the only vehicle gayer than a Miata. (not a hatch-back Miata, which is like a Miata's homophobic bro, making it even lamer than a true Miata, and thus lamer than a Cabrio)

Relatedly, I pushed a Miata out of the snow this weekend. It was stuck in a flat parking lot. Cool car.

Back to my very awesome Cabrio. It rocks. Cheaper insurance, almost twice as fuel efficient as the Grumbler, and it's so much more fun to drive. It's a lot smaller than the Jeep was (I could probably fit the Cabrio in the Jeep), but I can still cram all my stuff inside.

Once I get a hitch and put on my Yakmia Doubledown (not to be confused with a KFC Doubledown), I should be able to carry everything I need to live over the summer. And I can cruise with the top down. Very sweet.

This car has forced me to conclude that big SUVs are silly. I really liked the Grumbler, but even living in the woods for half the year I never found a situation where I actually need four wheel drive. I had to go hunt for places to use the transfer case. Kinda fun, but not practical.

The huge amount of space in the Jeep was cool but I never used all of it. Even with the back seat out, it was about 6 inches too short to sleep in comfortably. Better setting up a tent.

When I got the Cabrio, it was pretty far out of alignment but the tires were still good. I convinced myself that it would be fine, and put 600 miles on the car over the weekend. I really wanted to go see Colleen's dirty Ohio floor:

And I paid for those floor Cheese-itz:

Good thing 14" car tires are the same price as bicycle tires.


Colleen said...

Ewww. The kitchen looks even grosser in photo form.

Montana said...

Nah it's grosser when you can hear your shoes sticking to it