Wednesday, February 2, 2011

good news from the great beady-eyed rat

In other news related to worthless mammals, it looks like my cats have figured out where the magic food comes from.

They can knock the bag over and spill the food, but they can't eat it until it's in their bowl. When I came home the fuzzy one attacked me like he hadn't eaten in days. I picked food up off the floor, put it in his dish, and he munched away happily.

In other other news related to even bigger and more worthless mammals, I'm continuing the quest to make my Cross Check as stupid and pointless as possible.

Behold, the Gnar Check v2:

I got bored of the 29er fork and fixed gear, so I put the original fork back on. Then I threw on some 26 inch wheels and a coaster brake.

Nothing makes a bike suck quite like a coaster brake. There's a ton of drag, the bike can't stop, and when I ride off a curb the back wheel locks up and sends me over the bars. I think drop bars, gears and road tires are the only things that could make this bike worse.


Rin Liddel said...

Thankfully my kitten is too small and too inexperienced to figure out how to get to his food without me getting it for him. If he ever does, god help me lol

Justin said...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I like those handlebars ... are they the sparrows you had been running upside down?

Colleen said...

flat pedals ≠ gnar

Maybe to make it cooler and faster you should ride without any pedals and strip all the paint off.

D-Pow said...

Both versions of the Gnar Check are an abomination to cycling. v1 made me want to punch babies...v2 makes me want to kick viking cats!

Montana said...

I'll get all of these in one shot:
1) It took mine 15 years to figure it out. I wouldn't worry too much

2) Bad ideas are always worth executing then regretting

3) Flat pedals:

4) Punch all the babies you want. I don't like them either. The viking cat is currently pillaging a nearby village. I'll let you know when he gets back