Wednesday, February 16, 2011

otters and pictures of don powers

See that?

That's the sun. I took a picture because living in Western PA sometimes I forget what it looks like.

It's been nice for a few days, so Rob and I are going to hit some trails today. It should be awesome and muddy.

And to get to those trails, I'll be cruising with the top down:

Driving such a feminine little car, I expect a certain degree of ribbing.

Mahokey wants to borrow the car so he can try to get a little action at a truck stop.

Don Powers keeps sending me this picture of himself and Aaron:

(I'm still not sure what his point is.)

And Team Dicklover called me gay. This is the same man who spent three days talking about dildos, and the creator of the "wind up hopping penis" video.

Then to prove his superior oldness, he compared me to a movie that was released nine years before my birth. (I had no idea what he was talking about before some intensive googling.)

The basis for his claim was that I hated otters because I didn't pay the DMV extra for a wildlife plate. Which is funny, because but the Department of Motor Vehicles isn't the first organization that pops into my head when I think "otter conservation."

Driving a car with a wildlife plate is kind of like wearing a Jan Sport fanny pack with embroidery that says "I <3 high fashion!!!"

But in any case, I love otters. They're like the aquatic version of viking cats.


Professor Lori Jakiela said...

Viking cats and a fanny pack, plus intensive googling in one post. So much to love here. The links are hilarious, your voice is perfect.

Rin Liddel said...

Oh wow -smacks forehead- is it bad that I found the magazine that those hopping penises are in up in the attic of my last apartment? And as far as otters go, uber cute, especially if you can find the youtube video of two of them holding paws :)

Anonymous said...

Beavers are better then otters.

tessikins said...

I have an otter license plate, thank you. >:P