Friday, March 9, 2012

A Mellow Shredding of the Gnar at Apllegrippis

On Wednesday I headed out to Raystown Lake with a couple friends from school.

It's been a couple years since I've been out there. Fun place. Miles and miles of flowing dips and turns.

Then yesterday I headed up to Laurel Mountain. It started pouring as soon as I rode away from the car. 

I was wearing a wool jersey that I hadn't washed in a while, and I think the moisture must have gotten into the wool membranes and released all the locked up up stink. As soon as it got wet, I was suffocated. The thing smelled like a wet dog that rolled in a tub of dirty lax pennies then grew some mold. 

So I just climbed up to the top of the ridge and aborted the ride at Grove Run Trail:

Grove Run is one of the hardest pieces of single track in the area. It's up and down, badly off camber, and full of big rock gardens. I hiked down the whole thing, and still crashed a few times.

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Justin said...

Anytime I ride Grove Run I just assume I'll be walking most of it.