Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Tuscarora and Pre Dragon's Tail

Just a couple things to follow up the Tuscarora race report (Part 1, Part 2.)

There was a Pittsburgh sweep of the single speed podium. Pflug, me, Dahn Pahrs, Stickboy the Skinny Hobbit, then Jpok. Stick was slower than Dahn because he ate a mushroom for dinner. Dahn ate a 14oz piece of beef steak.

Cinder Bloch came in 7th and ruined what could have been a six-place sweep. I forgive him. He was racing without a big toe nail.

As predicted, JPok did smash his bike. He double flatted, then complained that the course was "all road."

The Pflug is still fast. I'm waiting for the day that I catch up with his increasing elderliness. Maybe when he turns 60.

Harlan Wikipedia Stub Price didn't show up. Must not have wanted to get muddy. Not a bad choice.

Every bearing on my bike was full of sand. My front wheel felt fine on Monday, but it seized up yesterday when I was trying to pull it apart and clean it. I've never seen my stuff that bad. If you raced, I suggest popping all those bearing seals off. As a guy once told me, bicycles are not submersibles.

Shimano external bottom brackets say "DO NOT DISASSEMBLE." Apparently they say that because Shimano wants you to buy new one every time the bearings get crunchy. I just pulled mine apart and packed it with new grease. It's fine.

I'm going to Dragon's Tale this weekend with Bradley the Birdman of Charleston and Mayor McCheese. So today I really need to put my bike back together.

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