Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuscarora Mountain Bike Enduro

This Sunday is the first race of the year. Dahn Pahrs, Cinder Bloch, Stick, and I are registered. I called a woman named Peggy and booked a cheap room in the Kenmar Motel. My gel jug order came in.

Now I just have to mentally prepare myself to be crushed. There are 23 single speeders signed up.

One of them is Justin JPOK SMASH Pokrivka. He's very fast when he doesn't destroy his bicycle.

Another is the Pfucking Pflug. I've can only beat him at altitude and in stages of stage races that are in North Carolina and shorter than 30 miles. So twice. Two wins and 30ish losses isn't a good record.

Then there's Harlan Wikipedia Stub Price. He has a red white and blue America jersey, because he represented the US in the UCI Marathon World Championships. That means he's good at bike riding. I hope I get to ride on his wheel for a couple seconds going down hill.

Finally, my three previously mentioned motel-mates have been doing long rides on Laurel Mountain since January.

I've been typing papers and receiving dirty hippy sandal orders at work. So I think I have a really good chance of winning.

The course looks like this:

1,100 feet of climbing in 6.5 miles is a lot. The cut off is at four hours, so I'll probably get to do five laps if I'm moving really fast. I'm excited. First race report of 2012 will be up on Monday.


dicky said...

After reading his wikipage, I feel like I know Harlan much better as a person.

SaSaSandie said...

The 1100 ft of climbing is all in 2.5 miles of the first 4 miles. The last two miles are down hill. Bring your happy face ;-)

ChrisJ said...

Hopes its better then last years Mash. EF Zach Adam's races, that is all.

Montana said...

Chris- Much better than last year's Mash. It was as good as the race two years ago when it was actually in Michaux. Zach put on a solid event this year.