Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Peacock Candlestick Lounge

When the slightly less warm weather set in (it hasn't been bad enough to call it a winter,) I moved out of my tent. Even though I don't splash around with people in rafts, I was able to grab a room in the guide house in town.

My room is right outside of the Peacock Candlestick Lounge (We spend a lot of evenings playing board games. I'm still waiting  for the game where Mrs. Peacock does it in the lounge with the candlestick.)
The Ping Pong table is a recent free-addition. I'll be really sad when some drunken beefcake breaks it this summer.

Anyway, my digs are pretty sweet.

I have a fridge in a fireplace:

A 90's radicool carpet:

A finely constructed bicycle rack:

And a pretty decent view:
All for 50 bucks a month. Can't beat that.


dicky said...

You can sleep in my garage for $20. Free electricity and running water (when it floods).

Bachelor bastard

b said...

Movin' on up! At least you can keep your patchouli cool in the fridge.

Colleen ONeil said...

I like it. The little deck chair's a nice touch.