Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ah, what a great day at work. I got a van ride up to the Trillium Lodge to help unload a dishwasher, then hopped on a borrowed coiler (i know i linked to a coilair and not a coiler. shoot me.) and rode down the mountain to town.

I made my way down the pavement and turned off onto a a steep rocky gravel road. The full suspension was super fun on the downhill. At the bottom the trail flattened out and ran parallel to some railroad tracks. Off in the distance, I saw a dog walking towards me.

"wow. thats a really large, muscular dog..." I thought

"Oh shit. That's a bear"

I got off my bike very slowly, turned around, and started riding away while humming a tune. As soon as I was out off sight from the bear I started to hammer up back up the mountain. Riding a geared full suspension is hard work. Damn it was hard. I think I could have climbed two mountains on my single speed with the calories I expended. Maybe I'm just not used to spinning in the granny ring.

At the top of the mountain I realized that I had made a very wrong turn. I should not have been on that road at all, and if I would have continued on it, I would have gotten farther and farther away from town. So the bear actually saved me from getting lost.

I have packing, laundering, and bottle washing to do to prep for my morning departure. So off I go.

I'm going to try to update everyday with pictures of the trip. Saturday is the big day. Hooo boy.

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