Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i hear the squishing of water filled boots

I guess its time time to let the cat out of its pajamas.

My bike used to look like this:
From 2009 Racing Season

Now it looks like this:
From 2009 Racing Season

I've been riding around with a squishy thing on the front of my cycle.

And I likes it.

I've been riding and racing rigid for almost exactly one year. And because that one year was my first year of serious (i use that term loosely) riding, I really have not known anything else. So I have learned everything I know about mountain biking on a rigid SS. I've learned to keep traction out of the saddle, pick good lines, float over rocks, and stay loose. If I failed to do any of those things, my bike would kick my ass.

Now that I'm able to translate those skills to a bike with suspension, I have gained a hogshead of speed. And I don't even know what form of measurement a hogshead is.

I used to be terrible at riding downhill. But the other day, on a ride after work I was bombing down a rock strew slope at over 30mph. I passed a guy on a full suspension. That would have never, ever, ever happened with my old steel cromoto grande up front.

I rode the race course at Apollo, PA today in 50 minutes, without breaking a sweat. That was stop and start riding to boot, because I had to constantly wait for my velocially challenged riding partner. My best time on the rigid was 46 minutes.

Suspension is so much faster and more enjoyable than rigid was. I can't wait to see how it works in a race. And I won't have to wait long.

WV state champs are on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to get out on Saturday and pre-ride the course. It looks like every picture from last year was taken in a field, but I'm going to assume that the rest of the course is a little more technical than a bumpy meadow.

Lastly and most sadly, it seems I'm so fast that I've burned a hole through my shorts.
From 2009 Racing Season


Don said...

The course is definately more technical than just fields. Check out the link for other photos of the course. The Moon Rocks area is unlike anything you have ever ridden. You will be happy you made the move to suspension.


Montana said...

Thanks for the heads up. Those trails look outstanding. I cant wait