Thursday, July 16, 2009

turdsday update

I've been putting in a caboodle of time since my lack luster performance at the shate shamps. On Tuesday I did a 60 mile road ride on the poo poo thunder. I would include a shinny 'map my ride' map, but the interwebs are being to slow. I guess I'll have to just describe it with words.

How archaic.

I started in the home base of Greensburg and took a windy road out to a tiny little community that no ones ever heard of. Then I road over a really, really big hill, ate a banana, and spun my brains out down the other side. I thought I was done with the really big hill, but I wasn't, so I went up some more. Then I took a highway out to Speedgoat (good group o' guys), picked up some gel flasks, and road home on another highway. Road riding is the bomb! Woot! Lets pave the whole world!

Yesterday I did some mountain riding up at 7 springs, which was great. I was attempting to find the 24 hour race course, and I failed. But that place does have some fantastic XC trails. Big rocks, tons of obstacles, and just the right amount of smooth dirt in between. But as I rode, the lady bear was waiting at home with a surprise dinner. That I just happened to be two hours late for.

Needless to say, I felt like a giant meat bag. In the worst way. (I'm still real sorry)

Today I dug out the unicycle and putsed (putzed? putsted?) around for a few minutes before work. While at work, a lady and her daughter came in with two bikes that had been jettisoned from the rear of her SUV while traveling at highway speeds. They weren't in good shape. "How quick could you fix them? We're meeting someone then riding 70 miles." "Uh...half an hour?" Doh.

I'm a poor guesstimater of time.

I set to work on the damaged wheels, and I was doing something to one bike on the floor, when I stood up suddenly. Into an overhanging tandem. I felt the back of my head, and when I looked at my hand, it was covered in blood. "Uhhh... you better get a bandaid for your head..." shuddered the daughter. "don't look at it if its making you queasy." I replied, and went back to work on the bikes.

All of a sudden bike maintenance was giving me a huge headache. No idea why.

After my head stopped gushing blood and I got off work, I rode at hidden valley. I hit the trails for about 45 minutes, then practiced my cornering in a gravel parking lot while attempting to catch those little floaty things dandelions give off. (I'm sure I could look up what they're called. But I'm not going to.) After the ride I hit the computer hard and wrote about how stupid road riding is. Then I gave an account of my adventure at 7 springs and feelings of meatbaggieness. Afterwards, I bent the collective minds of the five people reading this blog and told them about what they read before in a way that made it seem like something new. Woah.

I think that self inflicted blow to the head made me a little grumpy. Growls.

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tessikins said...

you dont have to feel like a meatbag anymore :) i will make you dinner another time! but i guess it wont be a surprise considering how the last "surprise" worked out.