Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a new commute

I took the Poo Poo Thunder II on its maiden voyage yesterday, and everything checks out. It handles much nicer than the decrepit green thing, and even though its a fairly heavy frame, its still almost two pounds lighter than the old bike. I approve.

This morning I got my new commute to work all mapped out. It looks a something like this:

Actually it looks exactly like that. 26 miles and about 1500 feet of climbing on the way to, 3000 feet up on the way back. I'm pretty damn excited. Its really been bugging me that I've had to drive so much this summer but Odin willing, the grumbler should be able to get a little break now. I hate burning gas. I really really do.

If I ride to work everyday, I'll be able to put in about 250 miles a week, plus what I do on the mountain bike. That should prepare the legs for the coming endurance events.

I need to get packed up and ready to head for the mountains. I'm going to try to shoot some pictures of the scenic (i hope) commute tomorrow to put on the knobby pages.

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