Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From Drop Box
You gotta love the sock mud line.

10 days left until the Wilderness 101. Holy shite. That came fast.

I rode around the general area of Hidden Valley yesterday, and some how popped out of the woods into a boyscout reserve. It was a bit strange. (sorry for that link. the website is very obnoxious)

I've been using some brown rice syrup in gel flasks as a cheap alternative to real gel, and its not to shabby. The taste and nutritional value is basically the same, and the cost is about 1/3rd. I just put a little water in it, shake it up, and its good to go. Hopefully it will save me from an sudden death by lack of fuel at the 101.

And with no relevance to the above, my co workers bike:
From Drop Box
Oh yes, its glowing. Outstanding.

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