Tuesday, January 24, 2012

repairing continues

Awesome day in Ohiopyle yesterday. I rode for almost two hours, on dry trails, in shorts. I never thought I'd be doing that at the end of January.

With the assistance of the viking cat, I made some more progress on the Cabrio this morning:

I have all the crushed parts torn off, so now I'm just waiting to hear back from a couple junk yards to see if they have what I need. Before I started doing this I didn't realize that there was a nation online junk yard inventory, but it sure is convenient.

I think the fender is going to be the only thing I'll have trouble finding. As the guy at one of the yards just told me in an email.

"Passenger side fender ------- NOTHING ON THAT ONE." Car guys manage to sound gruff even in writing.

Since it'll be hard to match the original paint, I'm probably going to redo the whole car. I'm leaning towards Hot Rod Flatz paint because it ends in a z, and I love words that end in z.

The return of Grumbler Green:


dougyfresh said...

you can find a fender. search wvortex and places in AZ. once you have the fender start bending the unibody back with a sledge hammer until the fender and hood line up alright. It won't be perfect because the unibody is mangled but judging by the pictars you can get it close. Headlight alignment will be fcvked though so you'll either have to live with a 'lazy eye' or do some more bending. headlights are easy to find. prob don't need a grille depending on your satisfaction with the finished product. After all, most VW guys don't run grilles and have multi coloured body panels. You'll fit right in.

MKIII parts are cheap now-a-days. Cheap as in MKII parts were in 2003. Now MKII parts are waaay overpriced.

I miss my MKII 2.0L 16V GLI but like my AWD 'station wagon'

Don't hesitate to call if you are stuck.

Montana said...

Sweet. Thanks man. I just ordered a fender from amazon that was really cheap. Hopefully it isn't made out of soda bottles or something.

I think I'll be able to figure out some way to keep that eye from being too lazy

Shred said...

In case you havent checked here yet http://www.allforeignautoparts.com These guys have everything pulled, warehoused,inventoried, searchable online and they are right here in Pittsburgh. I got parts for my Subaru (RIP) here.

Montana said...

Yep, they were 2nd on my list. I just found most of the stuff I need from a yard close to Gbg that specializes in European stuff