Thursday, January 5, 2012


This morning I had a couple free hours. So I drank a lot of coffee, listened to a lot of Tom Waits (the man's good for cold, horrible weather), and started messing with a sharpie I accidentally stole from work.

I started with a hamster impaling itself on a shrub:

(In my mind, all hamsters look like jelly beans)

Which took a couple minutes to get where I wanted it:

After that, I was feeling sharp.

I whipped out a loose hamster:

And a carniverous unicorn:

Then I did a nice self portrait, which I plan to give to my girlfriend so that she can remember me while she's in the land of the hobbits.

The rest of the parts for the new sickle should be in tomorrow, so I'm hoping to have that build up by next week.

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