Monday, January 30, 2012

a brick

Last Thursday I turned 21. I don't have any pictures from the weekend, but I do have this brick:

On Friday I went out a couple places with my friends Pain Train Zane and Brian. When we got back into town, I yelled and knocked on my friend Big Trav's door. He had some weird Lord of the Rings music cranked way up, so I couldn't hear his reply. I put my shoulder to the door and bumped it open.

Big Trav was completely naked, Big Trav's girlfriend was completely naked, and Zane's dog was completely naked. The dog jumped up and sprinted out of the room. I don't know why that animal was in there, and I don't think I ever want to. Big Trav sauntered to the bathroom, totally at ease while we stood there in shock.

Then I played the one cord that I can play on the harmonica and we sang.

The next afternoon, I headed to Don Power's house so we could meet Gnarmire and Joejoejoe Malone at North Park. We had agreed to meet at 1:00.

I got to Don's house at 2:30. So I was a couple minutes late. Everybody yelled at me.

We rode in the park for over two hours. The trails were muddy in spots, but for the end of January, I'm not complaining.

After the ride, we headed into the city and got some big slabs of ground beef.

Then the tour de bars n'at began. We met some more friends at the Brillobox, then rode a shopping cart to Kelly's.

I found a brick. I decided to keep the brick.

We went to the Shadow Lounge, where bras and deodorant are apparently prohibited. There was some dancing on a stage.

The next morning, we woke up and rode again, a little slower than the day before. There were it few times where it looked like Gnarmire wasn't going to make it. But he did, and we pedaled back to the parking lot, where I retrieved my brick from Don Power's car.

It was solid weekend. I'm glad I have so many elderly friends.

But I'm not glad that I saw Big Trav naked.


Take It Off said...

If Jack Kerouac and Tao Lin had a child, it would write like you.

Montana said...

In grade school. I'm sure it'd be way better when it got to be my age