Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My friend Jim is getting rid of this Niner EMD to pay some medical bills:

image 0

That's a bummer, but somebody is going to end up with a deal on a super nice Niner. He only wants $1390. Here's the ad.

In other news, when I ran up stairs to make the second pot of coffee this morning, I found that I made a small mistake when I shuffled out of the kitchen the first time:

Convenient? Yes. Refrigerated? No.

But I like the one door one bowl concept. Maybe I'll start refrigerating my cereal.


Bruther said...

Found our milk curdled in the lazy susan once

Ashley said...

Is it bad that I do the same thing with my milk about three times a week? Luckily I always catch myself before it becomes a problem, too.

Jason said...

I keep my cereal on top of the refrigerator. Nearly a one-door concept. As long as you're not too short of course...

Montana said...

Cereal on top is a good idea

Cereal curdled in the lazy susan is not a good idea

And yep, three times a week is probably bad