Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy busy week it has been. On Tuesday I had a nice ride on the cold, rainy, mountain before work. I averaged a blistering 6 miles per hour for the 90 minutes that I rode. In my defense, I was on the technical trails, so a slightly slower speed was (kind of) expected.

On Rocky Gap Trail, I came super close to cleaning a section that I've never been able to hit before. The trail drops down a few higher than hub sized rocks then takes a sharp left. There's a little path of logs of slippery logs about 12" wide that go up onto a large boulder, then curve to the right down the hill and into the rocky gap. The gap is a touch wider than my handle bars with the rocks on both sides stretching to about 6 feet above head level.

I made it around the first turn, then into the second I got excited because I almost had it...then I proceeded to ram my shoulder into the rock. It was a little ouchy and bleedy, but I tried the line two more times, with a higher degree of failure than the first attempt. Oh well. I'll get it eventually.

I didn't take a picture of the line, but Speedgoat did at some point in the past, so I'm going to borrow it.
(Not me. I ran my other shoulder into the rock.)

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