Thursday, October 22, 2009

grug and a quarter

I have a problem committing to races. I just can't bring myself to pre-register for something until the last possible minute. And now I'm out $10.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was about to get a screaming deal by registering for two races and getting a $10 refund on top of a $5 discount. That's more dollars than I have fingers. But now, my dollars will be five less than my fingers. And that I do not like. It's quite tragic really.

I still plan to do the U19 race and the 3/4 at Murrysville Cross tomorrow. And because the race(s) is/are only 15ish miles from my house, I might even get to ride there.

But before I do any of that, I need to go get a new tube for the the back of the Thunder. I ran into a curb the other day, and was rewarded with a furious hissing and a near instant flat.

Fortunately, I was only 200 feet away from home. Unfortunately, normal length valve stems do not work with super deep Deep Vs (my wheels look damn good but I'm starting to question their practicality. hmm.)

(I take that back. the checkers are far more important than any practical considerations)

So I had to use two patches to half assedly repair the tube. But still it leaks. I may just dump some Stan's in the tube and see if that fixes it. After that, I need to replace brake pads on the mountain cycle so that I can arrest my bikes forward motion on Sunday at Moraine. (I know, I know, replacing pads once a year is just dreadful.)

Honestly, I don't know how guys that race geared bikes do it. I get annoyed when I have to do routine maintenance on a fixed gear and a single speed (which basically consists of fixing the occasional flat and lubing a chain.) I've never raced a geared bike in the mud, (or at all) but I would imagine that all those shifty bits get screwed up. Real bad. Coming home after a race and fixing all that stuff just seems like a headache and a half.

And I enjoy working on bikes. I really do. But only when its someone else's bike.


tessikins said...

i suggest you use some sex patches or whatever they're called.

Montana said...

Porno patches? If I had any absolutely would