Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pounds of cake

"Hi. I'll have a vente non fat latte with whipped cream, and is that yogurt parfait non fat?"

"No its just regular yogurt."

"Ehhhh....Do you have any non fat yogurt?"

"No, I'm sorry we just have regular."

"No non fat...ok, well I'll take a pound cake instead!"


On what planet is a pound cake a reasonable substitution for non fat yogurt? Those little slices of doom pack upwards of 400 calories. Furthermore, why would someone get whipped cream on a non fat drink? I don't understand people. I really don't.

Anyway, its a good thing I won new tires last Saturday. When I exited class the other day, I looked at my wheel and was greeted with a two or three inch long side wall rip. The little tube was poking through and waving at me.

From Drop Box
I hate it when that happens.

Three days until Marilla 'Cross. Woot. I love racing my bike. I feel like I haven't mentioned that recently, but I do. Time to go ride to school in the rain.

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