Thursday, October 29, 2009

the conglomerate is born

My previous title thinggy was a from the first race of this season at Big Bear, and a wee bit dated. I've since retired the rigid fork, triathlon shorts with a token chamois, and my slightly to large green helmet (and a little saddle bag I sewed that proceeded to explode on me mid-race.)

The blog has been retitled the 'knobby meats racing conglomerate' because 'racing conglomerate' sounds roughly 237% more awesome than 'knobby meats' by itself. The meats may not actually be a conglomerate, and I may have had to google a conglomerate to find out exactly what it is, but since this is the interwebs, I can call it what ever the hell I want. As an added bonus, the blog now has a tough sounding acronym thats only one letter off the name of the maker of obnoxiously colored bicycle chains. Nice.

The forecast looks like rain on Friday and Saturday. I'm really hoping that it's lots and lots of rain. I need a soggy course for Marilla 'cross Saturday morning, because that's the only time that a may have an advantage on my fixed gear (my back brake never stops working and shifting never gets gunked up.)

Hopefully I'll be able to get down to the purtiest shop in the world later today and pick up some new tires.

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