Friday, February 12, 2010

boxes of bears

Three feet of snow stands between me and any good mountain biking. I've ridden every day of this snow event, so I shouldn't complain too much, but I haven't been on the mountain bike since last Friday.

A week ago the ground was nearly bare, (that's hard to imagine now,) so I headed back to some slate dumps a few miles from my house. Eric has been insisting that I ride there, but I kept putting it off. I'm sorry I did.

Fast flowing moto trails trails spider web around a mountain of slag by the rail road tracks. It's a popular spot for ATV and dirt bike guys to ride, so there are tons of steep slag climbs, jumps, and banked turns. I sprinted around the top of the slag pile for an hour and had a blast the whole time.

Trails shoot off the edges of the pile, and they are pretty stellar as well, but there are tons of over hanging thorn bushes. My gloves were off because it was almost above freezing, and as I tried to duck under an overhanging branch I was snagged by one of the thorns. Before I had time to think it ripped long lines of skin from my pinky finger. I bled all over my ergons on the way home, but it fortunately the gods took pity and sent a chilling rain to numb my finger and wash off the blood.

The snow trapped me at the lady bears house for 3 days, so when the roads finally cleared we evacuated the house and went down to the funnest bike shop in the world to hang out.

I rode around on a two wheel drive electric assist bike, and I have to say, it was awesome. When the pedals are turning, a motor drives the front wheel. Even with slick hybrid tires that thing ripped through the snow. I picked up a pizza with it and rode back to the shop holding the pizza in one hand, and climbed steep snowy hills without an effort at all.  

After eating the aforementioned za, I noticed a strange package on the floor:
I guess packaging isn't important to QBP any more.

I kicked the box a few times, and when it groaned, I grabbed a knife and slashed it open.

When I saw what was inside I tried to force it back in and tape it up, but it was too late. The boxed animal stood up and started to complain. I slapped my forehead and grabbed the two wheel drive bike to ride far away.


tessikins said...

haha. funny. you taped me in the box, fool.

Montana said...

You're a liar and a thief.

tessikins said...

but a scholar.