Wednesday, February 10, 2010

crunchy and savory guava strudel

The lady bear got a new cat yesterday (actually he's pre-owned. but new to her) He's an adorable little beast:

Chewy is only two, and he's lovable, but he can be a feisty devil. I was rolling him around on the ground and kissing his head yesterday when he suddenly slapped my face with both of his front paws. In shock, I jumped away. The cat rolled back over and purred. I will not be rolling him around on the ground anymore.

The snow started again last night, so the world has gone to sleep again. Fortunately I was able to go out for two slushy hours on the road yesterday before the weather started. I might try to get a little time in later, but right now the snow is coming down too hard. 

Back to reading eating beef jerky. I'll just have to occupy my mind with thoughts of future trips to Kanawanana State Forest, and purple wheels to ward off the cabin fever.