Monday, February 8, 2010

the great coming of the blizzard of 2010

At work on Saturday night, Mike and I were making fun of the severe looking blondes on CNN. The headline "Northeast braces for massive snowstorm" flashed under the image of a grown man trying to roll a snowball in a light dusting. "Ohh merciful heavens..the world is ending. We better start bracing." At the time there was only a few inches outside the cafe.

When we shut the place down and parted ways, there was a little more of the slippy stuff. Rt 30 was covered in about 3 inches of packed powder and cars were inching along. The road felt like a snowmobile trail.

Once I got back into town, I went home and exchanged the cross bicycle for the mountain, and rode back out to watch people struggle to get their cars up hills. Anything without all wheel drive was completely immobilized. I watched a spinning and sliding 18 wheeler, a Cadillac, and a lowered Honda that was fantastic at making noise, but not so good at moving forward. There were a few handfuls of people out on the sidewalks that apparently just gave up on their cars.

I rode home and went to bed, and over night the storm did its best to prove the CNN reporters right:

Pretty eh? Too bad it all needed to be shoveled.

The Grumbler is one of the few motor vehicles that would have been capable of driving on Sunday, but it decided to break a few days ago. So I left it buried:

(thanks Grumbler. I'm glad I can depend on you.)

After moving a few tons of snow, I slammed my helmet on, grabbed the florescent death machine of doom, and struck out for the lady bear's house. I didn't get 20 feet from my door before someone yelled the first of many good natured comments "Hey! Ya got them winter tires on today!"

I find it interesting that crazier I seem, the friendlier people are. If I were riding the same bike on a nice day, they would think I was a jackass and try to run me over. But when I ride in heavy snow, or ride a unicycle, people love me. I guess it's like a little show for them.

As I rode, the shouts of encouragement continued.

"Hey! Got them snow chains on today!"

"Grug. You get some extra credit today."

Oh man... there's something wrong with your head."

"You've got the best transportation out there today!"


Shred said...

Two feet of white stuff and the Jeep has shit the bed. Such a waste! The Subaru has been a blast and well needed here in the city. The city doesn't plow my street (at least not in the same week it snows) so if you don't something that goes in the snow you just have to wait for it to melt.

Montana said...

The mountain bike goes fine in the snow, so I don't really need to drive. But it is annoying that the grumbler is broken on one of the few occasions it would have been practical