Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the cheese is rolling and the logger ran out of dinosaurs

It seems like every year right about this time I'm rendered car-less. Last year, the venerable dirt mobilis did not pass inspection, so I was forced to hawk it on craigslist.

A few days ago, the grumbler started having shifting problems. Its always been a workout to operate the clutch on that machine, but the cold in the last few days has made it worse. On my way home from Apollo on Sunday, I had to stomp the clutch to the floor, then use both hands to slam the shifter into gear. At red lights, I had to use 4lo to start rolling, because it was impossible to use 1st or 2nd gear. I cursed at the damn thing the whole way home, but it didn't seem to listen.

After some furious researching in internet forums, maintenance manuals, and the minds bike shop mechanics (scary place), I've narrowed it down to a bad clutch and slave cylinder, or a bad clutch plate. If it turns out to be both, I'm screwed. But maybe it'll turn out to be neither of those problems, because I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll know for sure when it goes to the mechanic man on Monday. I wish the grumbler would stop breaking, but I guess it's a Jeep thing. (and yes tessa, I said it again. and I'm gonna keep saying it until its fixed. so go carve vassoline)

Speaking of things breaking down, I'm about due for some new bicycle tires.

My rampage:

What a Rampage should look like:

My big tire has lost all it's biteyness, and left me with grabbing surface the height of one regulation penny:

But it sure does roll fast now. Panacer should put this into production as the Rampage LK.

It's just a damn good thing my food is well guarded.


Shred said...

Rear traction is over rated. After the snow clears I ride one of these:

Montana said...

That does look like a really excellent option for slippery conditions

Greg said...

i could really go for some new tires too... my don't look any better than yours

Montana said...

I do have other tires, it was really just a matter of not wanting to deal with slimy latex. But I switched it. So we be good now