Friday, February 26, 2010

positively negative

"Hey I saw you riding your bike on the road yesterday, and I almost ran you over."

How am I supposed to respond to that? "Well thank you so much for not killing me. I'd feel just awful if I left a dent in your car."

And then it snowed.

The snow has led to the postponement of the much anticipated KSF'ed up weekend. I will not be riding my bicycle through the Kanawanana Rock Forest of Despair at all this weekend. Even worse, I have a huge surplus ammunition for my bear rifle, and no bears to do battle with. Winter can go pound salt.

Since I can't ride my bicycle this weekend (salty slushed roads do not count), I'll have to look forward to riding my bicycle next weekend. Celtic 'Cross on Sunday.
Celtic Cross flyer
It'll be like Cross'd Bite with less rain. I hope.


Shred said...

If you are really jonesing to get out and ride Frick wasn't too bad last night. The dog walkers have a nice solid tread packed down. Well last night was a little bumpy... well a lot bumpy but the new snow outta smooth that out.

Montana said...

I tried it on Monday, and you were correct good sir. Very much ridable. And the snow has to be almost gone by now