Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(no bicycle content) for schooling purposes only: m encyclopedia entry

I really liked reading Michelle's J entry. The way she alternated between single sentence statements and more detailed paragraphs was great because it kept the entry moving along. Even though some of the points were personal thoughts, they were still universal enough to let most people relate, like "Jam-Traffic jams suck, if I sit too long behind cars the thought of accelerating through the car in front of me seems like a good solution." 

My Jeep's transmission froze two weeks earlier, and I couldn't get it in gear to drive to the repair shop. It broke before the worst blizzard in 15 years, one of the few times 4 wheel drive and mud tires would have been practical. After eight days of educating myself on Jeep technical forums (the internet is a wonderful thing,) I went outside with a 13mm socket and laid a tarp down under the vehicle. I scooted underneath, unbolted part of the clutch, and pumped it until it was firm. After I bolted it back on, I fired up the engine and found that I could shift gears. I ripped out of the driveway and did a few victory laps around town. 


Snow had trapped me at Tessa’s place. I was sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of Special K and watching the news. A reporter on the tiny flat screen said that a body was found in a trash can next to Greensburg Salem Middle School. The school was a block from my house. A dead body was sitting in a trash can a yards from my home. I shuddered. Then I went back to crunching on cereal.

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