Monday, February 1, 2010

medicated hand salve

Global Ride just released their trailer for their up coming Dirty Dozen 'indoor cycling workout. for charity.' I think the only thing more painful than riding the DD would be riding the DD on a trainer, but there is plenty fun footage that documents how incapable road riders are at standing up on a hill.

Apparently a shoe equipped with a slippery tread-less carbon sole it doesn't hook up well on cobble stones:

My big moment in the video comes at 6:35 when I can be seen tearing into a nutter butter in the shadow of Sam Morrison.

Perfectly framed in the old crook o' the arm.

The big difference between young Samuel and me is that he is good at doing fast things on a bike, like nearly dethroning a 6 time Dirty Dozen winner, while I am good at doing dumb things on a bike, like finishing the Dirty Dozen without a freewheel or rear hub bearings.

Speaking of dumb things on a bike, I've decided that I really like the 38t front ring on the FDMoD:

I spent the wee hours of the night and into the morning a few days ago working on my bike, and I discovered that I could in fact run the bing ring on the inside of my crankset. This is quite a revelation, because I was under the impression that I would saw my chainstay off with the eccentric bottom bracket rotated the whole way back. There's only a hair of clearance, but it'll do.

Right now I'm riding with a 38X20, but I think once the snow melts I'll be spinning a 38X19 or 38X18 for the race season. I think I climb faster with the bigger gear, although Don did seem like he was getting ready to pass me on the uphills when we rode on Saturday.

Fortunately, I was able to assert my manliness by eating a big cookie on the opposite side of a stream that he was too scared to cross:


Don said...

LIES! I may have looked for another place to cross, but I did cross at the same place you did.

Also, I thought the same about your climbing with your super manly gear. On some of the climbs, I was right on your ass having to go slower because you were climbing slower than normal. When you used to use 32X18, you would simply drop me.

Montana said...

This is true, but I think a little of my having to go slower was due to the 2.35 semislick I have on the back. I'll have to go time myself on that loop when its dry to see what the difference is

Shred said...

Rides the dirty dozen on a fixie and rides slicks in the snow pushing a Paul Bunion sized gear. The man is truely legend.

Montana said...

Or a fool