Wednesday, April 13, 2011

another blog contest

Late edit: the contest for the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race is up. I'd appriciate it mightily if you'd go vote. The link to vote is right under the picture of me in the bananaVOTE HAR. Thanks folks.

I've officially thrown my mediocre blog into another stage race contest. It's a good thing Dicky mentioned it. Since I just sent in my entry, I'm not up on the contest page yet, so I'm not gonna provide a link. I wouldn't want anybody to vote for the wrong person.

Although I probably have no chance of beating Dicky with my Knobby Meat in the blog competition, I don't need to. The top two get free entries. So all I have to do is sneak in in second place, then I can focus on crushing him during the race.

Three days of class left, and I'm frying my brain writing about birth control and aids in Botswana, detective fiction, and a cleaned up newspaper version of Don and Montana's Big Gay WV Adventure.

So, here's a picture of a cat. He's always good for blog filler:

And before anybody notices the tiny dumbbells and makes fun of me, I want to make it clear that they aren't mine. Colleen left them here. I swear it.


aaron said...

colleen has bigger arms than you.
yours are being dwarfed behind hers.

Montana said...

That's only because I make her carry all the bags when we go shopping

Endo_2011 said...

Done....btw, nice blue shoes as well!

Speed Rachel said...

At least detective fiction is easy??