Thursday, April 14, 2011

the pisgah mountain stage race 2011 blog competition


Yesterday I mentioned that I entered another bloggers grant competition. And yesterday they put my un-peeled self up on the contest page:

Montana Miller:

Another singlespeeder promising to crush Dicky. That banana looks angry.

Worst experience on a bike? 2010 Mohican 100 in Ohio. It thunder stormed before and during the race, and we had to deal with 100 miles of horrible mud and farm run off. There was a 50% drop out rate during the race. I finished, but ended up with some sort of digestive disease from ingesting so much crushed up cow feces.

Scroll down to the bottom of Pisgah page and vote now: right here

The competition is for the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race in North Carolina. The race is five days, 185 miles, and has 40,000 feet of climbing. I've never been down to Pisgah, but it sounds like a super cool place.

The two bloggers with the most votes win a free entry to the race.

I really want to go. I posted on the facebook that I would grant my "undying affection" to anyone that voted for me. While that attracted supportive comments from five girls and JR Petsko, there didn't seem to be any male takers.

So now I would like to offer "hearty fist bumps and appreciative handshakes" in addition to "undying affection" to anyone who votes for me. You may choose one or both.

Vote here. Thank ya kindly.

Apparently the tiny convertible is going to need a new transmission, timing belt, water pump, and possibly clutch. So it looks like I'm gonna have to rely on friends to get places for a while.

I'm hooking up with Tim Carson to race on Saturday at Mohican, Ohio and Sunday at Big Bear Lake, WV. Something weird and fun to write about will happen. I have no doubt. I just hope that nobody poops in a field:

My new Niner arrived yesterday. I've decided to name it the Victory Mellon. More on that after I finish building it:


CB2 said...

I once owned a Rabbit Convertible; I feel your pain. I gave you my vote because soon you'll have to replace your fuse box.

Montana said...

Man I sure hope not. This car better never break again after this

Shred said...

I voted for the girl. She was hot and the name of her favorite trail is quickie. Sorry man :(

Montana said...
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