Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the new race machine

Before the unveiling of the new racing bicycle, I must again ask you to go vote for me in the Pisgah Mountain Stage Race Blogger's Competition. Two clicks to make me a very happy stage racing man. Thanks for being swell.

And without any further groveling for votes, I give you the Yet To Be Victorious Victory Melon:

The bike handles exactly like I want it to, is pretty light, and I know all the parts will hold up to being ridden hard everyday. Most importantly, construction worker's safety vests shield themselves from it's brightness.

I couldn't imagine a nicer single speed, and I have to express extreme gratitude to those fine sponsor type folks for that.

I've read a lot of internet complaining about the Biocentric ebb slipping and creaking. But I've gotta say, the thing works perfectly if it's set up right.

Up and forward is the key. Looking at the bike from the non-drive side (the opposite of this picture) (i went out my way to make this confusing) if the bottom bracket is positioned from 12 to 9 o'clock, there's no way it's going to slip. Every pedal stroke is bringing the force forward, and trying to tighten the chain.

Here's a bad post-it-note scribble to illustrate my point:

Until Rob and Don turned me on to the high-forward thing last year, even my old set screw ebb was slipping. After, no slips.

The bigger I9 Enduro front and DT RWS Thru bolt definitely help with front end stiffness. It's not a real thru-axle, but it's a big improvement over a regular quick release. And the bigger bearings are super smooth.

Here are all the fun little details:
frame: Niner One9
wheels: Industry 9 Ultralight Single Speed Enduro
grips: Ergon GX1 Carbon
tires: Continental Race/Mountain King
fork: Rock Shox Reba
bottom bracket: Chris King
headset: Chris King
brakes: Formula RX
rotors: Formula R1
cranks: Shimano SLX
chainring: E13 Guide 38t
cog: Endless Bikes 20t
pedals: Crank Bro's Candy 3
post: Thompson 410mm (extended to the minimum insertion line)
saddle: WTB Rocket V SLT
skewers: DT Swiss 9mm RWS Thru Bolt
bars and stem: Raceface Atlas 50mm


dicky said...

You need a better strap, a prettier stem, less Kingier headset, and some pedals that work.

Hmmm... do I know anybody with a purple Cane Creek 110 lying around?

Hmmm indeed.

Just saying.

D-Pow said...

Too many matching colors. Wheels & handle bars....Frame & chain collar & hub spacers. I am disappointed in your lack of creativity. It is probably the reason so many racers beat you at Mohican.

Montana said...

I don't know what I could do to un-match anything. I'm pretty much out of anodized colors. And I just realized that people crushed me at Mohican because I forgot my lucky rubber turkey.

I'll trade you a bottle of coffee extract, a tiny football and a crumbled packet of shrimp ramen for that headset Dicky.

Bill said...

i promise to vote if you promise to write out a long form race report. bonus points if it appears in xxc.

Montana said...

I'll take that deal Mr. Bill

wandrian said...

I have a similar set up (green One9, white RX brakes, red e-13 guide ring). I had a couple of questions. How did you get a 38t chainring on there? My 32t barely clears the chain stay. Also, does your rear RX brake howl and vibrate like a mofo?

Sweet bike. I enjoy your blog.


Montana said...

I have a really thin spindle spacer on the drive side and the ebb set forward a little bit. That gives the 38t about 1mm of clearance. Not much, but it's enough.

And my RXs have made noise, but I reset them and they stopped. The pads just need to be lined up with the rotor so that everythings straight

Carney said...

Nice - is the DT swiss thru bolt thingie worth it? I'm too cheap to get a real thru axle (and then none of my bike trays would work) so it seems like a good option.

Montana said...

Yeah it works really well. It definitely makes the front end stiffer

the original big ring said...