Monday, April 4, 2011

the new industry nines are arrived

Now that Ohio Hate Week is over, I can start talking about bikes again.

And I just got something real purdy to talk about:

The new Industry Nine racing wheels are here.

Since we only communicate via email, I was able to convince the I9 guys that I was I leggy blond who was willing to trade sexual favors for new wheels. They were eager to comply.

Although I never tried to convince them I was a woman.

Anyway, long story short, I can't go anywhere near Asheville. But I do have a really nice set of wheels.

My other set of I9's has Stan's 355 rims. These ones have lighter Crests.

And an Enduro front hub. It's bigger:

Big front hub, light rims. They should be faster and stiffer than my old set.

I popped a Race King onto the new back wheel. I was surprised with how much easier the Crests were to set up tubeless than the 355s.

My plan is to set up the old 355 I9's with my heavier rotors and Conti Mountain Kings. They'll be the choice for inclement weather and slippy soil. I'll have Conti Race Kings on the Crest I9's drier days.

But then I'll need to figure out a way to transport a second wheelset to races without bending rotors, which may be the best problem I've ever had.

I won't be able to ride the front wheel until my 9mm DT Swiss RWS Thru-bolt (longest name for a $30 part ever) comes in, but I'm gonna start breaking in the rear hub tomorrow.

(This attempt at an artistic picture was fairly hard to compose under constant siege by a berserk quadrupedal raider:)


Benjamin said...

I wish there was a whole blog dedicated to viking cat.

Anonymous said...

Me too Benjamin. And purrhaps if we lobby hard enough, the Viking cat would write it.