Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pisgah Mountain Stage Race blog competition has re-started and moved to facebook

Massively important news. The Pisgah Mountain Stage Race Bloggers Grant is now on Facebook. All previous votes are void.

So if you voted for before, do me a huge favor and go recast your vote. Right here:
Blue Ridge Adventures

Thanks a ton.


Anonymous said...

wow your getting hosed on this one....the vote page only shows 3 choices....then you have to click "show more" to bring you up....but for me, it says "loading" and never comes up.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me! The dirty banana got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Restarting a vote and then restricting it to Facebook?! And on top of that it freezes up if you don't vote for the first three. They better cut their losses and just let all of you in at this point. They must have hired the Wisconsin or Florida Election Commissions to run this vote.

CB2 said...

Richard has launched quite an aggressive campaign, which is fine, but that Rimmer fellow is also ahead of you currently. Who wants to read about a rimmer?

Montana said...

First anon- I think you need to be signed in to face book for it to work.