Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the lightest multi-tool

I saw Tim Carson for the first time since we parted ways in Boulder last August. He stayed on the road until Christmas and went all the way from Montana to San Diego to Florida before heading back to Pittsburgh. Lucky.

We rode at Apollo, and he was ripping his single speed. On the other hand, I was still a little sick and dizzy, and kept falling into trees.

He's going to be at Mountwood this Sunday also. Since it's a combination Ohio Series and West Virginia Series race, I'm betting there are going to be a ton of fast dudes there. I better get over this cold thing real quick.

I was thinking about something Team Wiener Wagon said somewhere. It might have been on his blog, or it might have been in the land of over-punctuation and irrational rants (waa! my bike part wore out!!!! I wnted it to last frver!!!!!!...?).

Anyway, the Team Chipmunk Testes said he doesn't carry a multi-tool in races.

This is the stuff I was carrying (excluding my tooth brush on the right)

Pretty small package, but I check all the bolts on my bike, and sure enough, it was too much. I only have 4mm, 5mm, and T25 torx bolts on my bike.

So I gathered up those three tools. Then I pulled apart an old crank brothers multi tool and stole the chain tool.

I can stick the 5mm in the hole and use it as a handle:

And there's the whole thing bundled up next to the old multi-tool:

The only thing I don't have is an 8mm for my pedals. I'm sure that means they're going to fall off next time I ride.

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dicky said...

Where's the 6mm for your EBB?

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