Thursday, April 28, 2011

back down by the river

Yesterday I took my last final, turned in my last papers, and moved back into my tent down by the river.

I'm pretty pumped to have a platform this year. No more sleeping in the mud for this guy.

Now I don't have to worry about anything other than riding my bike and being buried at work under piles,

and piles

and piles of new stuff to receive.

I just registered for the Michaux Maximus this weekend. Hopefully I'll have better luck out there this time than I've had in the past. The single speed category has more riders than any other category right now. Should be a pretty slammin race.

And a final note about the Pisgah contest, you need to be signed in to facebook to vote, and this link should get you to the contest. Lemme know if that works. If you haven't voted, go click it. I'm trailing 2nd by around 35 votes, and only the top two get to go race.


dicky said...

I'm jealous of your uncluttered house.

Montana said...

I don't blame you. Fabric roofs are where it's at

D-Pow said...

Nice red 520's...glad to see you're trying to brighten up your bike. It is sad that your bike is worth 1000 times more than your house.

If you don't stay in school, you'll end up living in a tent "down by the river". Oh nevermind, you prefer it that way!

Montana said...

Silly Don Powers. Those are some old Icon SPDs. The 520s weren't on yet. And my tent is definitely worth more than 3 dollars.