Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the first race approaches

Michaux Mash, first race of the year, Saturday.

Last year I won the best homemade number plate competition with my inflatable pack-flamingo:

(Apparently I didn't need to see out of my right eye.)

But this year I won't have that chance. The race is all official with real number plates and stuff. There's even a single speed class.

And it looks like it's going to be really competitive:

There's plenty of fast dudes in there, including my arch-evil-twenemy that I'm not related to, the Tressler Brothers, and the two loafs I'm sharing a hotel room/camping spot with.

But the fastiest of them all was the last to register. He registers at the last minute because nobody else would bother if he signed up first. He never loses a race. He leaves me sobbing and rolling in the mud like a wounded wildabeest every time I race him.

He's Gerry "The Strangler" Pflug.

Oh that stocking cap gives me the chills. Terrifying.

So, with a great challenge ahead of me, I think it's time to reveal the official 2011 season theme song:

May it's brassy funkiness carry me to victory.


Anonymous said...

Pflug's Saturday Check List:

1. Ride to the race
2. Lap Montana 5 times
3. Win race... of course
4. Ride home
5. Go Facebooking about crushing everybody's will to win.

Montana said...

You forgot the part where he snaps his handle bars, removes them from his bike, and continues to lap me

Colleen said...

Dawe. Do you miss the days when you had a stylish haircut? I'm sorry I couldn't make your bangs swoopier.