Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more promiscuous jukes and mentally impaired sea-life

To follow up on the Promiscuous Nissan Juke, I asked a girl in my class who is very into cars if she would ever be promiscuous with a turbo Juke owner.

Her answer:


I expected that.

Then she added. "I would never date someone who drove a foreign car."


art work by dick face

Then I thought about it, and I think I only have one close friend that drives an American car. And that's a now defunct Pontiac. I guess I better stay away from car-type drag strips (I would probably be welcome at the other type of drag strip.)

Unfortunately, the rest of that promiscuous post was not without controversy. The very nice Church Lady came and talked at school, then linked to everybody.

One reader was quite offended by this sentence: "And lastly, putting a turbo in a car that looks like a retarded manatee trapped inside a Sketchers Shape-Up is not going to allow me to have "sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis."

Offended reader said: "You should consider signing this pledge and sharing it with others:
Better yet, you could write a blog post about the issue, encourage people not to use such a derogatory word and help make the southwestern PA corner a better place.
Think about it..."
So, if you're a manatee or whale and you're reading this post on your coral computer, I'm sorry. But I'm not going to give you an apologetic hug. I still think you're ugly and slimy. Shit. Just used the u-word. Damn me.

I will acknowledge that I can be an insensitive idiot. But it's not my fault. I hang out with Don Powers too much.

Anyway, I think I was really doing that person a favor because white people like being offended.


Benjamin said...

So you're saying I should keep rolling the '97 Chevy Lumina?

Montana said...

Yes! Excellent. That's two friends

Speed Rachel said...

Haha! Thanks for linking AND quoting me, I still think it's cool how much we have in common in two different sports. :)