Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more of the stupid gnar check

The more I ride it around, the more I like it.

This bike is making me rethink what a commuter bike should be. Before I built this up, I was riding my Crosby with disc brakes, hope hubs, fenders and all the other wiz-bangs. It was good, but I really didn't need all that stuff. It took me 12 minutes to ride to class on the Crosby and it takes 15 on the Gnar Check v2.

Once I got to class on the Crosby, I had to spend the day clacking around in very un-fashionable spd shoes. Now I can wear my blue leopard print pumas whenever it strikes my fancy.

I don't have to worry about adjusting crap and making sure my discs don't rub. The bike is even less maintenance than a brakeless fixed gear.

On  a fixed gear, I always have to check the chain tension, but on the Gnar Check I could care less. If the chain wants to fall off, I'll let it. The coaster brake doesn't really work anyway.


Justin said...

I propose you let me ride this - The last time I was on a bike with a coaster brake I was 8.

Shred said...

What's up with riding fat tire knobies on the road. Get yourself a set of shinnies pump them up to 85psi and you'll fly.

Shred said...
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Montana said...

Fat tires are funner