Monday, March 7, 2011

fixing things that aren’t broken

You might have noticed the new header. If you didn't, that last bump in the road was a fluffy little puppy. Start paying attention. There's a small child weeping back there.

But it's a damn fine piece of original art work.

Anyway, I'm changing things up a little. This blog's focus is going to shift from "a blog about bike racing by a goddamn dirty hippy" to "a blog about being a goddamn dirty hippy and racing bikes."

So not much will really change. I'm just terrified that if I keep only writing about bike racing I'll end up disappearing like Thom Parsons, pumping a constant stream of Morrissey into my head like Mahokey, or worse, becoming a Velcro strap salesman like Dicky.

Knobby Meats is a great title and stuff, but I know I'm missing out on hits because people are afraid they're clicking on a rancid porn site. I'm not going to change the address now, but I might at some point. If somebody knows how to have an old url redirect to a new one, let me know. I'll have to do something else with the venerable Meats name.

Maybe I'll start a rancid porn site. That would be a good way to generate funds for this season. Anybody want to let me film them doing it with a bag of expired turkey?

In any case, stuff is going to get more exciting and regular around here (just like my metabolism.) So saddle up and click that little follow button down on the bottom right. That's right, I'm pitifully asking you to boost my motivation to write things.


D-Pow said...

The new banner needs color. Along with viking cats driving miniture cabrios while wearing denim suits & barefeet sandles.

Jason said...

Yeah, don't end up like me man. Mine is now "a blog about an aging, weight gaining, beer drinking depressive, that sometime rides his bike."

Colleen said...

Asking for followers... your blog is still cowering in the shadow of my mother's blog's Interweb stardom.

Montana said...

Cabrios and denim suits are far beyond my artistic abilities. I had trouble with the sword.