Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running Down the Ohiopyle

It looks like Shelmire and some other mystery man are going to challenge Dahn Powers and I at the 9 Hours of Cranky Monkey. I would be worried, but apparently he can't dismount a stationary trainer without snagging himself on a chain ring.

So I'm not worried.

In Colleen's last day of being here and not next to the Eye of Sauron, we went trail running in Ohiopyle on Great Gorge. The trail was covered in water from a thunderstorm that hit in the morning, but it was still a swell time.

I'm going to have to go running a few days a week this season. Maybe I'll even do an Xterra Tri. Tim Carson always told me there was big money in Xterras.

With all the rain and snow melt, the water was the highest I've ever seen it at Cucumber Falls.

Looks like the perfect place to slap a few Marcellus Shale drilling pads doesn't it?

Oh well. At least the waste water isn't radioactive or anything.

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