Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mushroom melts

Inspired by my girlfriend's and friend who is not a girl's blogs, I decided to make weird looking hippy food. (Actually I was forced to because I ran out of cereal and tortellini.)

When ever I cook something, I have one goal. Edibility.

It doesn't have to taste or look nice, but it must make me feel like I've eaten something. This opens me up to range options that are overlooked by most people.

Things like peanut butter dipped carrots, Chexmix n' tuna, and provolone and honey sandwiches all burn in the great gastrointestinal furnace.

So yesterday I chopped up some fungus, covered it in cheese, and threw it on an English muffin.

To my surprise, it was more than edible. It actually tasted like food. But in the end it was a failure, because I wasn't full and had to supplement my diet with a bunch of pretzels.

Back to bikes.

It rained yesterday when I left class. I hated it. The Gnar Check V.2 has no fenders. My ass got soaked. I hated it more. I was cold.

I'm down to the treads on the Gnar Check V.2's rear tire. I plan to keep skidding it around corners until it pops. That should be an exciting event.  


Big Bikes said...

Wait, are you a whuss-bag riding brakeless fixed with platform pedals? Or are you a real man rding brakeless freewheel with platform pedals?

Montana said...

I'm a trans-gender gorilla riding a coaster brake. Bitch.

Justin said...

provolone and honey? chexmix and tuna?

You are some kind of food genius - maybe the food network will give you a show.

Montana said...

Darn tootin

Colleen said...

You do me proud. What about the frozen-honey sandwiches? I bet they'd be a hit at for some yuppies Panera... as long as they were organic.