Wednesday, March 9, 2011

missed exits and bananas fosters coffee

Back into the grey plains.

Every time I drive into Ohio, I look down at my ipod to skip some terrible song at exactly the wrong second. Then I curse loudly, smack my steering wheel, and miss the exit.

This time I ended up at the Arabica Cafe, so it was alright.

The place reminded me of the Coffee Bean where I used to work. It had the same horribly confusing and inconvenient entrance, pumpkin orange bathroom walls, and fake fire place.

I got a mug of bananas fosters coffee. It smelled exactly like artificial banana and tasted exactly like coffee.

I normally like things to smell like they taste (garlic should smell like garlic and taste like garlic, tofu should smell like processed soy garbage and taste like processed soy garbage, ect.) but the banana fosters coffee was a nice effect. The nose had me expecting to taste something kind of I enjoy, but then it hit the tongue and turned out to be something I love.

Once I got to Wooster, the town was so excited that they brought out their miserable smiling pizza slice to greet me.

I rode the 24 mile loop at Mohican yesterday, and it was great. Maybe I'll talk about that tomorrow.


John Proppe said...

I'm too impatient to wait until tomorrow. How was the trail at Mohican? I was going to ride there Saturday, but wasn't sure if it was too muddy.

Montana said...

It was perfect yesterday. Almost no mud. But I don't know how it'll be now that it's raining.

John Proppe said...

Rad, thanks. I was wondering how the snow melting would have affected it.